Hello, Mary Roberts here!

As a quilter of some years, I’ve spent my fair share of time on my knees, arranging and rearranging quilt blocks on the floor. As it became increasing difficult to find adequate floor space (not to mention my knees), I began exploring alternative ideas and realised the only way was up, on a wall that is!

There are numerous videos on how to make a design wall but all of them involve building and I’m not a handy person, at all. Other alternatives used push board and pins; I was not at all eager to put holes in my fabric even in the seam.

A friend, who is a curtain and blind maker, assisted me; we experimented with different fabrics, and various means of getting my quilt blocks off the floor and onto the wall. The result is the Mary’s Design Wall you see pictured below.

No more scrambling around on the floor, trying to decide which block to move where. With the Mary’s Design Wall the big picture is right in front of you-hanging on the wall!

Best of all, the Mary’s Design Wall is made from a fabric whose surface tension holds all manner of fabrics – from cotton and wool, to silk and chiffon – in place without pins.

When you’ve finished work for the day you can roll your design wall away, where your creation will stay, untouched by human hands or canine paws until you roll it down again.

Video: Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall - Introduction


“Fed up with laying my quilt blocks on the floor to see how they look – I finally found the perfect solution!

The Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall is very useful when designing my quilts and organising the blocks. It’s also perfect for photographing my work!

I love the fact that when I’m not using the blind, it easily rolls up and out of the way until needed again – then I just have to pull the cord and it’s ready to go – no reassembly everytime I want to use it.”

G. Langlois-Pearson
Guildford Quilters Chairwoman

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Set-up is straightforward and hassle free…


Made from a special polyester fabric that holds all manner of fabrics – no pins required…


Whatever the space, there's a Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall to fit your needs…