How it works

The RRQW is made from a polyester fabric the surface of which attracts and holds most fabrics to it. With gentle pressure against a firm surface any fabric will adhere to the blind without the necessity of pins.

For your wall

Over a door frame

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Why choose a Rolling Quilt Roll?

A neutral cream or white background gives the perfect backdrop for choosing colours for you project. (Rather than your carpet colour or the green of rotary cutting matt)

Having your quilt or textile project up on the wall gives you a better perspective of what you are working on.

No more sore knees or aching back from rearranging blocks on the floor or trying to sandwich your quilt.


Video: Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall - ‘Sandwiching’ a quilt

How to 'sandwich a quilt ‘using the Rolling Roberts Quilt Wall

Mary Roberts, Designer of the 'Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall' explains step by step how to 'Sandwich' a Quilt using her innovative product compared to traditional methods and techniques.