What ever the room size, we have a quilting solution to suit your needs.

The Block board

The BlockBoard was born out of my inability to throw anything away, even the smallest bit of fabric. I designed a case to fit around a 16 x 16 board which is perfect for putting beside your machine on which to assemble your current block. You can also take it to a class with a small iron, as ironing boards are always at a premium.

It can also be used as a pin board when dressmaking to hold the pattern directions and small garment pieces that usually go astray.


Price: £17.50

Small Rolling Wall

The small wall was designed for a quilter who uses the dining room table or other multi-purpose room. It hangs neatly above a door and can be quickly and easily rolled away for entrances and exits. It comfortably holds a large twin bed sized quilt for layout and sandwiching. The design area is 1.0 metres wide by 2.0 metres long.

Free postage and packing in the UK. You can order two at a discounted price.  Please contact me for details.

Price: £125.00

Large Rolling Wall

This is the largest single wall the design area measures approximately 1.35 metres wide and 2.0 metres long. You can layout and sandwich a full sized bed quilt on it. It is perfect for the quilter or designer with a dedicated sewing room and wall space to let it hang.

Free postage and packing in the UK.

Price: £198.00