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Spray sandwiched my quilt together on the Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall today. How easy was that!! No more back ache crawling around on the floor.

This is my French Braid Quilt on my RRQW nearly ready to sew together.

I just wanted to show you a photo of my ‘Chickadee’ wall hanging after I sandwiched it on my Roberts Rolling Quilt Wall.

I absolutely love your product!!

Jeannie Wiggins

I started quilting about 3 years ago. One of the aspects I have always struggled with is the need to lay pieces out to view the whole quilt and decide on the colours and the placement to obtain the best overall result.

My sister purchased one of your Quilt Wall’s and my husband was drafted in to install it. He was surprised how easy it was and the result was exactly what my sister wanted – needless to say, as soon as I got home, I asked my husband to get one ordered! It arrived a few days later and he installed it above a double door from my Quilt Room so the doorway is still fully functional and the wall is dropped to allow me to place the pieces.

I am delighted with the Wall – it really makes my life easier and so much more practical to see the ideas at eye level instead of the floor!

Andrea Rumsey

Hi Mary,

I am emailing to tell you how much I love my polar fleece wall, it works brilliantly when I want to sort and organise my pieces before piecing them together. I have made a large quilt for a friend which used a lot of shades of green and brown and I was able to design the entire quilt and graduate the colour from dark to light on the wall. The best part is I can leave the pieces stuck to the wall where they are out of harms way, sometimes for weeks.

My polar fleece wall was so useful again in colour choice and seeing how it worked as a whole unit before I started sewing.

It was definitely money well spent and I am sure it will more than pay for itself in years to come,

Patti Brown

“Everyone needs a design wall but few of us have dedicated space to put one up. I was amazed when Mary showed me her idea. It is easy to hang and does exactly what it promises! A place to play around with our blocks and keep them clean and in order… fantastic! I love both sizes.”

Dawn Cameron-Dick

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